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Compare PDF from AKS-LABS will contrast Acrobat docs for you

February 22nd, 2010

Recently, file comparison has become a very popular activity. The last decade witnessed rapid development of the Internet and IT technologies which resulted in the information boom. With every coming day we need to process larger volumes of information. Since computers are now used in every business, file comparison sometimes becomes a real urgency.

Why would people need to compare files? One of the main reasons is that very few documents exist in one version. Most docs have a dozen of drafts and alternatives. They may be all stored in one computer which is very confusing for a PS user who needs to find exact document. So, the main reason for file comparison is identifying differences between the documents.

Sure, this is not a problem if you have to deal with small documents containing very few changes. However, if it concerns comparison of huge numerous files then you can appear in a trouble, especially if you do not have much time.

As known, PDF files are widely used in offices. This extension is common for guides, pricelists, technical specifications of products, business offers and other document types. When it comes to comparison of PDF files, it seems ever a more difficult task as compared to contrasting of MS Office docs.

Compare PDF is a file compare solution from AKS-LABS that specializes in contrasting of Adobe Acrobat files. As said above, pdf files are popular in office work. So, developers from AKS-LABS decided to create a separate tool that focuses on comparison of pdf files only.

Use a reliable diff tool to comapre pdf files

Use a reliable diff tool to comapre pdf files

Contrast Adobe Acrobat files using Compare PDF from AKS-LABS

Contrast Adobe Acrobat files using Compare PDF from AKS-LABS

Compare PDF is just a perfect program if you need to often compare pdf files and use comparison results in your further work. Both professionals and ordinary users will certainly benefit from using Compare PDF.

So, what are the key features of Compare PDF which make it easy to use and effective?

  1. Several comparison methods. You may choose one of the three methods to compare pdf files: char by char, word by word and by keyword. Each method is good for its own purposes. If you expect compared pdf files to be very much alike, then char by char or word by word comparison would work the best here. If compared files differ much, then comparison by keywords will help you find common words and parts of text.
  2. Converter. A special pdf converter makes it possible for Compare PDF to correctly open Adobe Acrobat files for you will see the text.
  3. Side by side/visual comparison view. It is very convenient to see changes in the files and manually correct them if necessary. It is also possible to apply changes and save files. Thus, you can make a final version of a pdf document base don 3 or 4 of its variants (in such a case you will have to contrast all of them against original file).
  4. Commenting function. You can post comments to any line in the compared texts. What are the benefits? Compare PDF is a multi-user program which can serve as communication tool. It is possible to give instructions, express your ideas and share them with your colleagues. Comments will be displayed in the program interface and final comparison report.
  5. If you are interested in the actual changes only, it is possible to ignore letter case and spaces. You can also choose to see or hide non-printable characters.
  6. Compare PDF has some of the features of text editors. You can search for words and replace them if necessary which is a good way to amend files right in Compare PDF.
  7. Reporting function. As a rule, users are interested in comparison results, but not in the comparison process itself. Such results can be displayed in the comparison report. There are several types of reports available in Compare PDF. These are standard, advanced, changes only and left/right side only reports. As the report names suggest, each of them contains specific information on differences in compared pdf files. In fact, such reports are very informative documents that can be used in further work. Thus, you will see all differences, words of interest and ignored words, similarity rate, file names and size, their locations etc.
  8. It is possible in Compare PDF to ignore certain words, as well as set own words of interest. Go to Tools-Options for more detailed information. For instance, if you do not want Compare PDF to consider change of “search” into “look for” an amendment, you may ignore these words.
  9. Adjustable color scheme. If you do not like default colors, you may choose the one you like better. People with sight problems may use more contrasting color schemes.
  10. Compare sessions can be saved and then loaded again.
  11. Command line support. This is a very important feature. Thus, using integration manager you may create a bat file which will automatically run Compare PDF once you click on it. How can it be useful? For example, you may compare the same files with the same locations very often. Creating a bat file will save you much time.
  12. Opening pdf files from ftp servers. Wee are living in the age of the Internet and much information is stored online. With Compare PDF you can contrast pdf files without downloading them to your local drive. Just choose Open from ftp and follow instructions. Remember that you need to have all information to access remote ftp server (username, password, port number etc).
Compare pdf file using a reputable diff doc tool

Compare pdf file using a reputable diff doc tool

Contrast pdf files to find differences

Contrast pdf files to find differences

As you can see, despite its simplicity Compare PDF is an extremely effective pdf file compare solution that will meet demands of both experienced professionals and ordinary PC users who do not want to waste time for the work that can be performed by automated systems.

AKS-LABS offers a 30-day full trial of Compare PDF for you to evaluate this program. Without any doubts, you will be more than satisfied with comparison results as Compare PDF is a simple, effective and inexpensive program popular with users having different levels of computer literacy.

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