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Convert pdf docs into plain text files with PDF2TXT

February 23rd, 2010

With a rapid development of the Internet and software technologies it is really difficult to keep pace with the tech progress. Every day the market sees new software solutions and new software types. What has been a brand new invention several months ago is a common thing now. Perhaps, the Internet is one of the major factors contributing to the technical progress.

There appeared many new file types over the past few years. Developers release new software solution with own file formats, while offices all over the world use standards set of programs in their work. Sometimes, PC users face a serious problem – they need to convert one file extension into another. Well, this may happen due to different reasons.

You might need to use a text in MS Word but for now the text is in pdf extension. In fact, there can be numerous variants, as there are many office file types. But PDF files are perhaps, second most popular extension after MS Office docs. Acrobat Reader is a must in every office PC or laptop.

PDF files are pricelists, booklets, tech specifications of different products, advertising offers, lectures and articles, tutorials, how-to guides. Adobe Acrobat files are used in all business spheres. But what is a key disadvantage of pdf docs? Sometimes, it is impossible to extract text from Acrobat files. In such a way you need a program that will convert it into the extension in which text can be easily edited and amended.

PDF2TXT is a simple but effective utility from AKS-LABS. This program converts pdf files into plain text (*.txt) documents. Speaking about PDF2TXT, it needs saying that even if you are a total rookie in computers you will still be unable to do anything wrong when converting files.

A VERY simple interface and only necessary buttons and functions make the program an ideal solution which serves its purposes. PDF2TXT has none of the complex menus and functions. So you will not find yourself saying: “Man, I do not know what this means and I do not want to read Help menu either.” Forget about complex things and enjoy simplicity.

Convert pdf docs into plain text files

Convert pdf docs into plain text files

Use PDF2TXT as your default converter

Use PDF2TXT as your default converter

When you run PDF2TXT you will see 4 menus (File, Edit, Convert, Help) and 4 buttons (New conversion, add file(s) and remove. It seems like all these functions and menus do not need any explanations. In the bottom of the program interface you will be able to choose a folder to which converted files will be saved. Near this box with a path to folder you will find Convert to text and Open folder buttons. That’s it!

Despite its simplicity, PDF2TXT will successfully perform its tasks. So, first of all you need to choose file(s) to be converted. Make sure that the file you have chosen are in pdf format. One of the advantages of PDF2TXT is the ability to add several Acrobat documents to be converter. Just press Add file(s) button as many times as you need. This is very convenient and time saving. If you have a folder full of pdf file which need to be converter, you can perform this operation with PDF2TXT at one take. Moreover, all the converter files will be saved to one destination folder, which is also very convenient for a user who obviously needs to edit those texts.

PDF2TXT, as a modern software type, has a command line support. This is applicable probably for advanced users who know how to use command line and create bat files. So, if you often need to converts the same files with the same names (for instance, existing files are regularly overwritten with the new ones), it is possible to create a bat file which will automatically run PDF2TXT with adjusted converting parameters. How car you create bat files? Create a plain text document, write there pdft2text.exe C:\folder1\folder2\my.pdf C:\folder1\destination\my_converted.txt (of course enter real names of the files) and save this plain text file in *.bat extension. When clicking on this file PDF2TXT will automatically perform conversion operation.

As you can see PDF2TXT will do all the difficult job for you. The program does not require powerful processors or much RAM. PDF2TXT does not require special knowledge or computers experience either. As said above, the program could not be simpler.

So, who can make an effective use of PDF2TXT? Sure, these are people who use pdf files every day and who need to extract text from them. These may be journalists, translators, editors, web site managers, tech specialists etc.

For instance, translators often receive texts in pdf files. Most translators use MS Word in their work and translate texts abstract by abstract. Thus, it is extremely inconvenient to divide the screen into two parts with source text and translation. Sometimes, it is impossible to use Select text tool in Acrobat Reader. This is where PDF2TXT can help. As a result you receive text in plant text format which can be used in any text editor.

People who use information from tech specifications of products can also make an effective use of PDF2TXT. Most of such documents are released in pdf files, so, if one needs information contained in pdf docs he should convert them.

Editors can use PDF2TXT on a regular basis. As specialists who often work with text, they often face problems with conversion of pdf docs into plain text files. Thus, an editor may receive two translation variants in two different formats. In order to compare them and introduce amendments the files are better to have similar extensions. PDF2TXT will help here, and you will be more than satisfied with results.

To sum it up it needs saying that if you need a program that will properly perform conversion of pdf documents into plain text files then PDF2TXT is an ideal solution. You do not overpay for functions and features that you do not need and never use. Simplicity is a virtue in case of PDF2TXT.

Download PDF2TXT for free and evaluate the program for 30 days. Enjoy it!

Convert pdf files into plain text files

Convert pdf files into plain text files

Use a reliable converter - PDF2TXT from AKS-LABS

Use a reliable converter - PDF2TXT from AKS-LABS

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