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AKS-Labs was founded in 2000 and now is focusing on creating powerful and easy to use solutions for getting valuable information out of files created with popular office tools. The most known project is PDF Manager. Headquarters of AKS-Labs are located in Raleigh, USA. The company also has a branch in Moscow, Russia. AKS-Labs  is a member of Association of Shareware Professionals since 2001. 



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Contact Person: Robert Elliott
Contact E-Mail: 

2501 Blue Ridge Road, Suite 150, 
Raleigh, NC 27607
Phone/fax: 1-877-257-4555


AKS-Labs Home Page: 

PDF Manager Home Page: PDF Manager 



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PDF Manager - Logo, 300 dpi

PDF Manager - Logo, 300 dpi 

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PDF Manager - Box, 300 dpi

AKS-Labs Logo, 300 dpi

AKS-Labs Logo, 300 dpi

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PDF Manager - Screenshot, 300 dpi


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About AKS-Labs

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