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Compare PDF program was designed to compare PDF files and folders with PDFs

Compare PDF program was designed to compare PDF files and folders with PDFs

Compare PDF, a product designed to help people comparing electronic documents. Document comparison is necessary when people need to learn what changes were made in file's text and if the changes are correct. Word-by-word comparison is up to the task.  

Compare PDF files

The basic and obvious ability to compare files word by word was developed for files that have a common ancestor. It is useful in a case you have two versions of the same document. Use word-by-word comparison to find out the number of changes, analyze if made changes are correct.  

Compare PDFs by keywords

The significant new feature for consumers appeared in Compare PDF 2.0, comparison by keywords, which was developed to help people to compare non-related documents. You could never notice the difference unless using comparison by keywords.

You can learn what changes were made in the common context of the document. For instance, you can learn what is the key difference between documents, or what is the focus of both compared files. Comparison by keywords is helpful in this case.  

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For instance, you can have two absolutely non-related documents; they can be quickly viewed and analyzed by keywords. Compare PDF aim to help to find out if documents are similar and what is the difference between them. Looking at mostly used keywords in both files, you can learn what are two documents about and what is the focus of particular document.  

Methods of PDF comparing

Compare PDF is not a typical file comparison tool, in the sense that it can be used for various types of comparisons - by characters, by words and by keywords. The main difference is that you always can find out in what way files are similar and different.  

Compare folder with PDF files

The folder comparison function is included in the Compare PDF. It finds differences for all files stored in compared folders. In fact, Compare PDF scans folders and subfolders for files with the same name and compare them. Also, Compare PDF can create a folder comparison report with all found modifications and differences.

Some differences are too random to be analyzed in Compare PDF "on the fly" without detailed analysis. In this case you can create a comparative report, file with detailed information on compared files. The report can be stored on a hard disk and e-mailed to others.

Compare PDF offers functions for various types of comparative analysis, such as finding modifications, checking for changes correctness, and learning what is document's focus. 

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