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PDF Index Assistant is a tool design to create an index of PDF files and search in it

PDF Index Assistant is a tool design to create an index of PDF files and search in it

PDF Index Assistant, a Windows utility designed to create and search in index of Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

Create an Index of PDF files

PDF Index Assistant supports indexing of popular Adobe Acrobat PDF files. With PDF Index Assistant you can index PDF files on local disks, across a network and in zip archives.

The first step you should do is to index some existent files. Various indexing options, such as dynamic re-indexing make search in index more effective.

PDF Index Assistant has some options, that make it extremely useful tool for any kind of search.  

Search for PDFs in Index

PDF Index Assistant has special “Preview” pane, which was designed to save user form routine job. You can search for some text in different documents and PDF Index Assistant  will show you a small piece of found file with your keyword marked as a bold text.  

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Once you have got some search results, you can also copy or move found files and folders from your search results to another folder. Also, you can generate a report file. This file contains all the search results you have got and quotations from the text of found files. You can print this report or send it by e-mail.

To make you search more comfortable PDF Index Assistant provides custom search options, where you can setup your preferable search settings, such as folders to search in and files to search for.

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